Due to the fact that the fabric designs of the top 20 contestants are very different and featured designs, some changes were made in the fabric production planning, and the production process and therefore the Second Jury Evaluation was postponed to a later date. Stay tuned for developments regarding the process.

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As an organization that realizes its responsibilities for the youth, we are with you through the invention and development process. Determination and tenacity will bring you success. In this age of endless contest, we are here to present you new opportunities.

Design Academy Award For the First 10 Finalists

First Place Award

225.000 TL, Study Abroad Reward and

Second Place Award

150.000 TL

Third Place Award

75.000 TL

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The material is one of the main factors to be considered in designing. As for product designs in which cloth is used as the primary material, cloth is an important variable. Besides these, many factors such as attributions of the target demographic, function, fashion of the moment, conditions of manufacturing, and cost are connected to each other.

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Evaluation criteria

Doku Fabric Design Contest is organized by The Southeast Anatolian Textile and Raw Materials Exporters Association, with the cooperation of the Chamber of Textile Engineers South Region Branch. Doku Fabric Design Contest is going to be held open to participation of students and professionals, in the direction of a “theme” that inspired the competitors.

The inspiration you are looking for is within you; just be quiet and listen.


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Everyonewho has a talent for design can join this event without seeking for any sort of education, department and employment conditions etc. Apply Now

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We are with you about everything that is stuck in your mind about the competition, you can contact us without hesitation.
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